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Regulated industries, such as Healthcare and Financial Services (to include Insurance) have specific security and privacy requirements. This program is tailored to help these businesses, as well as the companies that do business with these industries, meet their compliance obligations. The HIPAA/GLB program is the most appropriate for any of the organizations that operate, even indirectly with these regulated industries.

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If you are sure that you fall outside of the expanded requirements of HIPAA/GLB and HITECH, Accurate Data Partners' Standard Training Package provides the protections you need.


Knowing what to do to protect your company starts with understanding the problem. Educating yourself and your employees is the fastest and most effective way to help reduce the likelihood of data loss and fraud from identity theft. We say education because while training teaches what to do, education teaches why they should care. Policies and procedures are most often violated because the situation goes beyond the policies and employees, meaning well, acted in a manner that put the company at risk rather than to protect it. Educated employees not only understand what to do, they understand the problems and why the polices help to mitigate the risks. Because of this, they are more likely to act to protect themselves, your customers and your company when confronted by an unforeseen situation.

But training and education is not enough. You not only need to have policies that help to guide your employees in these areas, but help you to document the actions you have taken. In addition to access to our training for one year, each subscription includes documents to support your company and to document the steps you are taking in these areas. The documents are written to be easily understood and easily followed by anyone, which is a critical piece of making them effective. Accurate Data Partners provides all of this to your company.

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  • Training for each employee. Two levels of training are available, one for company/practice owners and security personnel and the other for employees. Accurate Data Partners allows you to assign the appropriate training by individual as well as track progress and completion by each employee.
  • The employer and employee training are 2.5 hours and 1.5 hours respectively. Participants are provided completion certificates and a personalized Use of Confidential Information form at the end of the training.


The documents provided include, but are not limited to:

  • Sensitive Information Policy
  • Identity Theft Prevention Program
  • Breach Notification Plan
  • Risk Assessment and Management Plan
  • Vendor Management Tools


Accurate Data Partners is currently working with the Bar Associations to provide our training materials for attorneys. In order to help attorneys make better use of their time, our training for attorneys is also valid for use as additional CLE credits (please see your state bar association for details).

Attorneys have concerns with regard to both the advice they provide to their clients and how they manage their practice. These concerns may be distinctly different, but both must be addressed. To take the training for attorneys, click on the link below.

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In managing your practice it is just as important for your staff to be trained. Most potential liabilities to your practice lie in members of your staff, while well meaning, taking actions that place your practice at risk. Training them will go a long way to reducing the risk to your practice.

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